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Annual Meeting April 4th

The Frognot WSC Board of Directors will meet again on April 4, 2015 with members and water customers to answer questions and give an overview of what may come with water regulations, restrictions and the growth potential in our water district.  

Click on the Learn more link for these documents:
  Notice of Annual Membership Meeting - April 4, 2015 at 10:30am
  Letter To Members (Dated 2/1/2015)
  Application for Board of Director's Position

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--We are required by TCEQ to provide to all our water customers a copy of the 2013 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).  Click here to read our report.

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Frognot WSC 2014 Water Analysis Report is Now Available!

Your 2014 Frognot WSC 2014 Water Analysis Report is available and ready to be viewed.  Click Here to take a look!

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February 2015 - Cold Hands & Warm Hearts

February 2015 - Cold Hands & Warm Hearts

February can be ice-cold, frigid and imposing, full of hazards and threats. February can also be heart-warming, affectionate and tender, full of love and romance.

February is National Heart Month in both the US and Canada (not surprising for the month of St. Valentine), the month in which we are reminded to focus on heart health. February is the month for which I can instantly recall the number of days without even going through the “30 days has September” chant in my head. February is the only month that actually gains a day every four years.  For such a short month, February actually has a whole lot going on: sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually memorable. . . 

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